Why Prefab Is Just So Fab For The Environment

If you are one of those rare few who have not caught on in the last few years, then perhaps you have been in hibernation all this time. Or perhaps you crawled under a rock, too afraid to come out. Figuratively speaking of course. But of course, most readers are well aware of the world-wide initiatives to green and clean the environment, recycle as far and wide as possible and live, work and practice business as sustainably as possible.

It is an ever-evolving chain of paradigm shifts. New, creative and inventive ideas come to the fore. Here’s one rave idea that has got green living enthusiasts all excited. It is well-known that prefab buildings have been used for mostly industrial practices. It is still quite common to see these buildings on busy construction sites. The fact that you still see them is quite positive because in some parts of the world, the building construction business has been enduring a long slump.

But in other places, maybe this is your territory, building new buildings is a boom industry. And it is now standard practice to install structures that are fully compliant with new green and sustainable development initiatives, in some parts, regulatory. Just why are the proverbial tree huggers so up in arms, jumping for joy over prefab buildings. Well, these (previously) temporary, makeshift buildings are being converted into permanent homes.

prefab buildings

Look, it is nowhere close to living in a caravan park, the objective is nowhere similar. Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials have been recycled and blended into the prefabricated building structures. This is also one way to address a chronic housing shortage and the consumer base that has simply never been able to afford the purchase of a conventional home.