Choosing Your Natural Stone

Oh, lucky you. Are you really getting to choose the natural materials for a kitchen or bathroom? This is such a fun thing to do. It is amazing how what once was a great hunk of rock ends up being this perfect looking expanse of granite that makes your dream kitchen.

Stone flooring oregon is a great way to choose. If you’re looking for your personal choice there’s a bit more to it than seeing a large polished slab in one of the big hardware stores.

Stone of any sort is a natural material. That means as sure as the sun rises in the East it will vary. The same stone can have different colors and textures. It may have large areas where you see a pattern repeated and other areas where that pattern doesn’t show up at all.

Natural materials are also three-dimensional. The patterns and color splashes don’t just go across the surface of a tile or counter-top. They also go through the depth of it too. Not necessarily forever, but certainly too some depth.

Stone flooring oregon

If you get the chance try and see the materials at the wholesale merchant. Here you will see huge slabs of granite or limestone or whichever material you want to look at. These slabs will also be displayed with others that have the same markings so you get a view of how much of the material there is available. If you’re looking for an outside area and need a lot of stone, you want to know there’s enough.

A wholesale merchant is unlikely to quote you a price. They usually work directly with the person who will turn the slab into your countertop. But what they can do is give you an idea of the range of prices.

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