Outdoor Living For More Than The Summer

You don’t have to live in the states where the temperature is always 70 degrees to enjoy outdoor living – although it does help.

People love being outdoors and there are more ways in which they are choosing to move life outdoors throughout the year. Enclosing porches to prevent mosquitos was one of the earlier ways, but now we have many more ways about extending the months we can be outside.

When coming up with ideas for external spaces landscape design charlotte nc are aware they need to go beyond the visual, although of course, that is a major feature. They also need to incorporate a wider range of activities than previously.

Extremes of temperature make outside living a challenge, and there are times when it is simply too hot to be outside. Too cold on the other hand almost becomes a question of personal choice. You might not want to spend hours in sub-zero temperatures al fresco. But there is nothing quite as much fun as sitting in a hot tub with a hat on. If you’ve never tried it add it to the bucket list.

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The idea of the outside room

Outside rooms consider the vagaries of temperature but also create a space which is more than a patio set outdoors. Outside rooms will have defined boundaries in much the same way are areas are created in an open plan interior.

Outside rooms will also contain features which are more familiar as indoor items such as rugs, throw cushions and even TVs. If you can do the things you would do inside, outside, why not?

There needs to be a lot of planning, but so long as you can deal with the temperatures, you could be outside for 6 months a year.

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